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Write your own custom comments on Instagram!

Anonymously send custom comments to any public post on Instagram with ShareSupplier's custom comments.

To order custom comments for Instagram, all you need to do is submit a post URL and write out the content you want to be delivered to the post in the boxes above. Note that each line represents a single comment. ShareSupplier's Instagram custom comments generally start delivering within minutes and orders are guaranteed to start within 24 hours when the link is submitted correctly.

Link ex.

*When placing an order above. please note that comments are only for posts and CANNOT be delivered to a profile or username.

***Failure to submit the correct link will result in delays; therefore, start times cannot be guaranteed when the wrong link is entered.

Orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Please understand that delivery and refund times are not guaranteed when the wrong link is entered.

Order Guidelines

You must read the following guidelines to use our Instagram tools and ensure orders are submitted correctly.

*The account must be public, not private for orders to deliver.

*You can order custom comments in any number.

*Always include https://www in the post link.

*Do not submit a username or profile URL; an example of a post link is below:

Link ex.

*Past orders on the same link must say complete on your dashboard before submitting a new order.

Failure to follow these directions may result in longer than normal delivery times and repetitive offenses will lead to NO REFUND.

Order Help

If you face any issues with an order, please contact us through our live chat or via email.

[email protected]

*Orders on this server are not refilled after a purchase.

*Please give your order 2 hours to process before letting us know of any issues.

*If your order has been refunded and you do not know why, contact us for more details. We are always here to help you out!

***When only some of the comments have been delivered, your account will be partially refunded.

***Ensure your order form is filled out correctly before making a purchase!!!

Orders cannot be cancelled for any reason; therefore, if a wrong link format is submitted an order can get stuck for some time. We do not want this to happen so please submit your link correctly!

Your safety is our #1 priority!

Feel safe knowing that ShareSupplier never accesses any account and understands the importance of your security and confidentiality.

*While ShareSupplier is safe to use, please be aware of the risks of using these services because you are your own social media manager and rules between yourself and a social media platform can change at any time. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for your actions on this website.

The Importance of Instagram?

Instagram has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and can give your business a lot of exposure.

Instagram is connected to other platforms, such as Facebook, which gives more power to marketing campaigns. However, just creating an Instagram account isn’t enough to be successful. Success on this platform depends on the number of followers one has, the level of engagement their content receives, and the ability to direct and monetize traffic. Comments are one of the most important metrics to the Instagram algorithm when it comes to a post trending on searches. Try to make comments over 5 words to give them more power to rank content on Instagram searches; the same idea applies for responses.

Instagram business accounts are designed to have users spending a lot of money on the platform’s advertising campaigns.

Without advertising campaigns it’s often hard to increase the reach of a profile and its content. People tend to give more trust to accounts with a lot of followers, so use ShareSupplier’s high quality and low cost Instagram followers services before spending a lot of money on ad campaigns to give yourself a higher chance of being successful on this platform. The more followers an account has means it also should be getting more likes and comments too, so remember to keep a budget in mind when boosting an account. ShareSupplier is proud to bring you the highest quality solutions at the lowest costs for your marketing needs.

Instagram will open a world of opportunities

Tons of opportunities are waiting for you when you set up shop on social media.

Web marketing allows anyone to create an online brand identity. You can get ahead of the “big dogs” and take market share from them when planning and strategizing well executed marketing campaigns. Get a firm grip on your target market by investing in your social medial presence and creating quality content. If you’ve decided to invest in Instagram engagement, you can choose from a variety of options that we offer and select the package that best works for you.

Contact us for more information about this service or the other online solutions we have for your business and/or brand.

[email protected]

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