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When you buy Facebook comments from ShareSupplier you can anonymously send custom comments to any public post on Facebook. When you buy Facebook comments you establish an initial level of engagement that can lead to organic engagement that can grow your following.

Comments have a massive impact on how a topic or post gains popularity. If you are looking to gain more exposure to your posts you can choose to buy Facebook comments. Posts that have an existing amount of engagement are more likely to gain organic engagement compared to posts with no comments. When you buy Facebook comments you give your posts an advantage over other posts that have yet to be engaged with comments, likes, and shares. 

Creating Your Order

Buy Facebook comments by choosing the appropriate category, service, and inputting the link to your Facebook post. Then input the quantity you desire and our built-in calculator will display the price, no hidden fees, or extra costs. Once you’ve submitted your order to buy Facebook comments simply check the post after 1-2 hours and you can see the comments on your post. 

Order Delivery

When you buy Facebook comments from Sharesupplier your order will typically start delivering within 1-2 hours and orders are guaranteed to start within 48 hours, provided the link is submitted correctly. Use this opportunity as a way to anonymously share your voice and direct the conversation where you want it to go on any Facebook post. Combine this solution with comment likes to boost submitted comments to the top of a conversation.

Order Guidelines

When you buy Facebook comments, please note that comments are only for posts and CANNOT be delivered to a profile or in response to another comment. Failure to submit the correct link will result in delays; therefore, start times cannot be guaranteed if an incorrect link has been submitted.

  • The post must be public, not private, for orders to deliver. 
  • Comments cannot include mentions (@username) or hashtags (#) but can include website links. 
  • Order comments in any number. 
  • Always include https://www in the post link. 
  • DO NOT submit a username or profile URL; an example of a post link is below:

    Eg. https://www.facebook.com/username/posts/##### Hint: Click on the time a Facebook post was made to find the post link.

Additional Information

Custom design comments that you want others to read to describe more about an idea. Facebook users also like to promote themselves by purchasing Spotify plays. If you haven't already done so, check out our Spotify section.

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