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What are instagram comments?

Instagram comments are utilized to show engagement for your posts. This metric is used by instagram to help push content into trending algorithms. Esentially, the more engagement your content has the higher probablility it has of going viral. We have two types of comments; random comments and custom comments.

What is the difference between custom comments and random comments

Custom comments are generated from a list of comments you choose. This is delivered by high quality accounts that fill in specific niches which are generated by our algorithm. All you need to do is compile a list of comments are our smart account selector will choose the right accounts to post for you. This will help with viral reach. Random comments are also selected by our smart account generator. These comments are 'hot comments' that help accounts that are unsure what comments they want delivered.

How are comments delivered

All comments are delivered through a scheduled process by top quality accounts. These accounts are all selected by our system to help increase your odds of going viral.

Are generated comments dangerous

No. On the contraire. When your post has a large comment section it shows the instagram algorithm that your post is 'busy. When the automated system sees this, it will put it front of more people that are similar to the ones who have liked your post. All accounts we select are to help you with trending positioning.