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What are Instagram Impressions?

Instagram impressions are for content that ultimately shows base engagement. This essentially shows Instagram how many times your post has been 'viewed'. You need to be aware of this metric as it is very useful for showing a steady increase to help you trend.

How can I utilize Instagram Impressions to help me trend?

Impressions are a very unique metric to Instagram. It shows how many people have seen your post. The biggest responsibility you have is to make sure you are creating high-quality content. Nothing can replace high-quality content on Instagram. Always look at ShareSupplier as a supplementary tool that shouldn't be abused. Think of it like steroids for your Instagram account. When you buy Instagram impressions on a steady incline, it shows that your content is becoming more popular. Think like the algorithm and you will benefit.

Where do the Impressions come from?

All our impressions come from one of the largest networks of Instagram accounts. These accounts are of high quality and help your accounts trend.

Is it safe to buy Instagram impressions?

Yes! Our delivery system is based on a drip algorithm that has never compromised and one of our clients.

When should I expect delivery?

Delivery typically starts within 24 hours. If delivery takes longer than 48 hours, send our live chat a message.