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Easily increase the exposure of any Instagram post with ShareSupplier's Instagram power likes and global likes. Power likes are delivered with potent post impressions to give content a better chance of trending in hashtags and location-based searches.

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Simply submit the Instagram post URL and the number of likes you want in the boxes above. When you buy Instagram power likes delivery starts in a matter of minutes and are guaranteed to start within 24 hours provided the link is submitted correctly. Remember to also try out our low-cost Instagram Followers and Instagram Views solutions!

*Please note that likes are only delivered to post links. If you submitted a post link or username and your order says complete, please contact us as soon as possible.

The Importance of Instagram

If you plan to take your business on social media to give it extra exposure, then you should consider creating an Instagram account. Instagram has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and is connected to other platforms, such as Facebook likes, which gives more power to marketing campaigns. However, simply creating an Instagram account isn’t enough. Success on this platform depends on the quality of content produced, the number of followers one has, the level of engagement their content receives, and the ability to direct and monetize traffic!

Why should I buy Instagram likes?

If you buy followers then you will also want to buy Instagram likes. The number of followers an Instagram account has relatively suggests how many likes the content of the profile should be receiving. After posting, trying boosting content with likes equal to about 5%-10% of the total number of followers the account has to improve its chance of trending; for example, if an account has 10K followers then boost a photo or video with 500-1K likes. After the initial boost, you can keep content in the spotlight by adding lower amounts of likes to it. Instagram post saves and comments are also highly relevant in getting content to trend and reach the explore page. Instagram will open a world of opportunities Tons of opportunities are waiting for you when you set up shop on social media. However, getting noticed is not easy when going up against the top companies and influencers of the world. Web marketing allows anyone to create an online brand identity. You can get ahead of the big competitors by planning and strategizing well-executed marketing campaigns. Get a firm grip on your target market by investing in your social medial presence and creating quality content. ShareSupplier offers a lot of customizable solutions that you cannot find on our website, so make sure to send us an email to chat with a representative to see how we can help you out. Some other services we offer that might be of interest is Spotify Followers promotion, this can help artists and musicians with achieving their goals of fame.