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What are Instagram saves?

Instagram saves are used to show how many instagram users have saved your content. If your account is set to public, this will show how many of your followers and non-followers have saved your content.

Why are instagram saves useful

This is another engagement metric that instagram uses to help place content into trending sections. Every account will have a different engagement metric based on followers, past engagement, growth projection, etc. Typtically follow the 10% rules. When you have 100,000 views on a post aim for 1,000 likes and 100 saves. Increase your engagement by 1% total every post and this will help your account grow through the engagement algorithms. Try using this service today and you will most likely see an increase in natural engagement

What are the risks of purchasing instagram saves?

There are no risks for using saves. Obviously use this system in a responsible manner and always try to maintain your 10% engagement ratio.

When should deliveries be expected?

Deliveries are usually started within 48 hours. If your deliveries are taking longer than this send a message to our 24/7 chat service and they will gladly assist you.