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What are Instagram Story Views?

Instagram story views are another way instagram tells if your account is active and helps trend. Increase the exposure of your Instagram video with ShareSupplier's power views. These views include potent post impressions to give content a higher chance of trending in hashtag and location-based searches. All you need to do is submit an Instagram post URL and specify the number of views that you want delivered to the post in the boxes above.

when will my delivery arrive?

Deliveries typically take 24-48 hours. We work on a que based system, so deliveries are done by first in.

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More info *Power views are not only for cosmetic purposes; they are highly potent and are used to improve the chance of trending on Instagram searches. *An Instagram story should always see a lot more views than likes on it. *Size matters when it comes to using hashtags; remember to include a number of tags with a small, medium, large and extreme number of posts, which can help with trending. *While views are important to trend, comments and saves are also highly relevant and should be considered.