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What Are Instagram Video Views

Instagram video views is an engagement metric used by Instagram to show how many people have viewed your video. This metric is used to show the popularity of your video. When you buy Instagram video views you can increase this number allowing Instagram’s algorithm to pick up your video and share it on the explore page for more viewers to see.

Why should I buy Instagram Video Views?

When you buy Instagram video views help make your video trend. Instagram’s explore algorithm is updated when videos fill in metrics. The best way to get into the explore pages are to post consistent engagement statistics. if you have 100,000 followers you should be keeping up a metric of around 10% video views from your current follower’s list and supplement all other engagement through Sharesupplier.

Is it safe to buy Instagram Video Views?

All of our engagement comes from unique IPs that are natural and real. Our system delivers engagement with the sole purpose of not creating any outlier data. We ensure deliveries match account size to help mitigate any risk to your account.