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Soundcloud comments are one of the biggest deciding factors for how many people engage with your music. This tool can be very useful for helping form a strong opinion on your music. The more people you have advocating your music, the more leverage you have. We have had artists get record labels just by utilizing our sound-cloud services. By creating massive engagement for your tracks, it shows record labels how well you can push content. They are naive to any services like ours...As Jay-z says 'Numbers are the only things that talk'.

How do soundcloud comments help you trend

Basically when you have lots of people commenting on your post it shows simple popularity. When using the comments you have the ability to use random comments that are generated by us or custom comments. When you generate these comments you can help push people into the engagement you are looking for.

are spotify comments safe to use?

Yes! spotify comments are not only safe but they are recommended. If you show high comment rates to other engagements this gives you a lot of power. Comments are seen as 1 of the highest rated forms of engagement for spotify. The trending algorithms search for these ratios. If you are able to maximize your natural and purchased engagement, this will help you trend.