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Soundcloud likes occur whne you or a listener engages with a like to your track or playlist. This will automatically save to their collection if they choose to replay it. Likes will be shown publicly and be recorded in your stats page. Remember that soundcloud uses these metrics to help place tracks into trending playlists.

How to utilize soundcloud's algorithm

Soundcloud's algorithm for selecting tracks into playlists is fairly simple. What you need to be aware of is the ratios you are performing on. The major ratios to consider for soundcloud likes is likes vs plays. Always maintain a .05-1% like ratios to plays. If you need to increase your soundcloud plays to match this algorithm, check out our spotify plays service. Maintaining this ratio gives you a much higher propbability of reaching trending or explore playlists.

is it safe to use soundcloud likes

Yes. All services that we offer are filtered through soundclouds API in a drip format that reduces all risks for delivering engagement.