Spotify Monthly Listeners

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what are spotify monthly listeners

Spotify has a very interesting way to calculate Spotify monthly listeners. We have to first understand that Spotify calculates engagement through 24 windows. The timeline changes one day at a time. So if you acquire 3000 listeners first and 1000 in a 24 hour period, you will maintain a 2,000 listener count. Some of the other main factors for ranking include how many spotify plays your page receives on a day to day basis. When starting a promotion we highly suggest running a Spotify Plays package on the link to get the play count on the up.

Plays and listeners are DIFFERENT.

Listeners are different people listening to your music. This is an engagement metric the automated Spotify algorithm uses to post your track in playlists. Plays are a statistic used to pay royalties. Remember the amount of listeners always moves irregularly and the amount of plays is always accumulative.

Is it safe to use monthly listeners

Yes. Our monthly listeners come from engagement pools that are niched and safe.