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What are spotify saves

Spotify saves are the total number of times your listeners have saved your music. This engagement has a massive effect on your ability to landing in high quality playlists like Radar or Discover weekly.

How can spotify saves help you

It is common knowledge that when a song is added to large playlists it helps you leverage your music. When in these algorithms they help with natural boosting engagement. It’s the holy grail of putting your tracks on spotify. If you get these tracks on large playlists you open your audience 10-fold. Let’s look into how we can ‘trick’ the algorithm into putting your track into the playlist sections

Spotify save rates and how they help with your algorithm

Our research shows that the save rate is the number 1 aspect of putting a track viral. The save rate is found by dividing users by saves. The goal is to maintain a 10% save rate. We have studied many artists that have been ‘succesful’ on spotify. We recommend using our services to get your save rates up to this point. This will greatly increase the odds of you getting to the coveted top playlists.

Is it safe to use saves?

Yes. Our algorithms work in flow with all spotify servers and we have never had an account get disabled.