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Telegram Post Views shows how engaged your posts are. This is a very valuable thing to have when showing the impact on content. If you can show that posts are being aggressively viewed, it shows high quality content.

how to utilize telgram views

Just like any form of engagement. When you have a high level of engagement it provides you leverage in negotiating (what ever your goal is). If you are going into a negotiation and you are able to provide that through all social media platforms. When you show a decision maker that you are capable of maintaining brand trending, it gives you power. Telegram is one of the most widely used platforms to chat and get messages across. The larger group you have on here, the larger you negotiation.

Is it safe to use telegram views?

Yes. Telegram views are a common filler engagement. There is no risk to any accounts by using this service. Telegram doesn't hold spam algorithms so you can essentially blast telegram views. This can be on videos, songs, etc.