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Get Twitter followers cheap starting at $2/100 followers! ShareSupplier is the best site to buy Twitter followers from! Have you been looking to buy followers for your Twitter marketing campaigns? Now you can from ShareSupplier! When you buy Twitter followers they usually start delivering within 12 hours and are guaranteed to start delivering within 72 hours or you get a full refund. Please be aware that when you buy Twitter followers they are open to drops after purchasing them, meaning they are not backed by a refill period. Please contact us if you require more information about this solution. You can order ShareSupplier's low cost Twitter followers by submitting a profile URL and the number of followers that you want delivered to the profile in the boxes above. Bulk discounts are automatically applied to large orders and if you need a larger order than what's available please contact via the chat at the bottom of your screen! Link Example: Please submit your "username" as the link!!! When you buy followers for your online promotions you will also want to buy Twitter favourites and Twitter Retweets on your upcoming tweets! All of our Twitter solutions can be found here. How much does Twitter Followers cost? *Be aware that followers can drop after your order has been completed. We offer no guarantees except that your order will deliver in a timely fashion. Order Guidelines You must read the following guidelines to use our tools and ensure orders are submitted correctly. *The account followers are being delivered to must be public, not private for orders to deliver. If the account is private, your order will get stuck and it may take over one week to be refunded. *You can only order followers in multiples of 50. If you try to order any other number of followers then your quantity will increase to the nearest 100. For example, if you put 101 followers in the order form, your order will be rounded up to 150! Your Safety is our #1 Priority! Feel safe knowing that ShareSupplier never accesses any Twitter account and understands the importance of your security and confidentiality. Twitter is home to millions of monthly active users and is a great platform for many online marketers. Making a Twitter page is a snap, all you need to do is create a handle, make a quality backdrop and bio to advertise your company, and then you're off to the races. There are also a lot of handy tools and aps that you can use to automate your Twitter, like IFTTT! Once a Twitter account is set up, the harder part is growing its clout and brand equity. Every social media account these days faces steep competition for attention, especially when trying to use them to generate leads and build up a brand. In all honestly, growing a Twitter account takes a lot of effort. The tactics are not as simple as sending out tweets and having others respond to them. Engaging and interacting with a target audience is key. Twitter can be a great tool to network with once you figure the platform out! Should I buy Twitter followers? The pros and cons of getting followers. Buying Twitter followers, likes, views and other social media marketing tools to boost an account is controversial, but its also one of the quickest ways to gain momentum. In a sense, having more followers creates credibility and also gets the bandwagon and follow-the-leader effects in full motion. Ultimately, having more followers often means new people seeing a profile will take the account with more than a grain of salt and are more likely to interact with you. Having a large social media account can have benefits for a website presence and its SEO, thats a fact. While more followers can create positive psychological benefits towards an account, that does not mean buying them is a magic solution to solve all digital marketing needs. Hard work and effort still needs to be put into content generation and interacting with others. Some negatives of buying followers is that they are typically not targeted to a specific location, and most important is that they will not interact with you. Followers, as outlined at the start of this page, can also drop as Twitter removes them. Therefore, it’s good to be careful when buying Twitter followers to ensure your reputation stays intact. If you have any questions, contact our support team!

The difference between High Quality and Low Quality Followers

High Quality Followers generally have: a profile photo a header image a bio more than a few tweets, as well as retweets and likes more than a few followers a moderate amount of people they are following a low risk of unfollowing and/or getting suspended

Low Quality Followers generally have:

no profile photo no header image no or a poorly written bio no or little tweets, followers, likes and retweets a higher risk of unfollowing you and getting suspended. Other Info You should only buy followers if you want to: gain more followers quickly gain more followers cheaply get more followers easily increase your social proof improve your brand or self image boost your reputation and credibility attract more organic followers increase your reach and tweet impressions look more popular on Twitter ***Remember, followers unfollow people at any time, whether buying them or not. Organic followers are impressed by statistics such as likes, retweets, and followers, whether you believe it or not. Ultimately, Twitter accounts with a lot of followers appear more reputable, trustworthy, and successful.