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Twitter poll votes are a great way to show brand momentum. If you are taking a poll for your Twitter followers, you can help sway them by having a high vote count. The awesome thing about using Twitter poll votes is you can help people with their decision-making process. When someone is on the fence about a decision all that is needed to push them into your agenda is having the 'masses' vote on your angle.

How fast do deliveries take for Twitter poll votes?

Deliveries for Twitter poll votes can take up to 12 hours to deliver but typically will deliver within 1 hour. We have a queue-based system so deliveries always go to the first person in line. We can boost your link if it is stalling.

Is buying Twitter poll votes safe?

Yes! there is no risk for buying Twitter poll votes. Just make sure you use all of our tools in a responsible manner. If you have 100 followers and did a vote with 250 raises flags. So make sure that when you are using this system it lines with your profile.