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Buying YouTube comments can help increase your brand equity and help your page with maintaining your comments. When you buy YouTube views from ShareSupplier you gain the ability to purchase any type of comment on YouTube.

Can I use custom comments?

You can absolutely write your comments yourself or use our niche generated random comments. All you have to do is select custom comments and write down in a single list file the comments you want.

How long does it take for delivery?

Delivery typically takes less than an hour but depending on the line of the queue orders can take up to 24 hours.

Is it safe to buy YouTube comments from ShareSupplier?

It is 100% safe to utilize any of ShareSupplier’s services. We are one of the largest platforms for social media engagement and have never had an account suspended or banned.

What kind of random comments will I receive?

Random comments are generated by our niche marketing selection tool. This tool picks from accounts that are in your niche and put out positive reinforcement for your content. We recommend using a combination of custom and random comments when you buy YouTube views from ShareSupplier.

How do comments help with YouTube's trending algorithm?

Comments are one of YouTube's largest engagement metrics to help push content into trending sections. By using custom comments you can raise your comment-view ratio and increase your probability of making your video trend in YouTube's explore algorithm.