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Facebook Comment Likes

Read below before submitting an order!

Boost comments to the top of a conversation on Facebook with ShareSupplier's high quality and low comment likes. All you need to do is submit a comment URL and the number of likes that you want delivered to the comment in the boxes above. ShareSupplier's Facebook comment likes generally start delivering within an hour and orders are guaranteed to start within 72 hours when the link is submitted correctly.

*When placing an order above, please note that comment likes are only delivered to a comment link, NOT a post link, fan page, profile or username.

***Failure to submit the correct link will result in delays; therefore, start times cannot be guaranteed when the wrong link is entered.

*Read the following guidelines to ensure orders are submitted correctly.

Order Guidelines

*The comment must be on a public post, not private, for orders to deliver.

*Order in multiples of 10, no uneven numbers.

***Other order sizes will take longer to process.

*Always include https://www in the comment link.

*Do not submit a username or page/profile/post URL; an example of a comment link is below:

Link ex. https://www.facebook.com/username/posts/######?comment_id=######/

Hint: Click on the time a comment was made to find the comment link

*Do not use mobile links.

*Past orders on the same link must complete before submitting a new order.

Failure to follow these directions may result in longer than normal delivery times and repetitive offenses will lead to NO REFUND.

***Comment likes usually start delivering in an hour and are guaranteed to start within 72 hours.

***Please note that large orders of likes may take longer than one (1) day to deliver.

If any issues with an order are experienced, please contact us through our 24/7 live chat!

*All orders are checked daily to ensure they have been started.

*Orders on this server are not refilled after a purchase.

*If your order has been refunded and you do not know why, contact us for more details. We are always here to help you out!

*Orders cannot be cancelled for any reason; therefore, if a wrong link format is submitted an order can get stuck for some time. We do not want this to happen so please submit your link correctly!

Your safety is our #1 priority!

*Feel safe knowing that ShareSupplier never accesses any Facebook account and understands the importance of your security and confidentiality.

More Info

*Adding comment likes to a comment is the easiest way to reach the top of a conversation on Facebook.

*It's easy to get your voice heard by using this simple and effective solution, just add more likes to a comment compared to what others have on theirs!

Contact us for more information about this service or the other online solutions we have for your business and/or brand.

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