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Our IGTV emoji comments start below $0.2/comment!

You can now anonymously send emoji comments to an IGTV video with ShareSupplier's IGTV random emoji comments! Buy ShareSupplier's low cost Instagram TV emoji comments by submitting an IGTV video link and the number of comments that you want delivered to the video in the form above. Remember that bulk discounts are automatically applied to larger orders... so as you buy more comments the cost per-comment goes down!

Here's an example of the link format you'll be submitting:

When you buy Instagram TV emoji comments they usually start delivering within an hour and orders are guaranteed to start within 24 hours when the link is submitted correctly. Remember to also try out our Instagram TV likes and IGTV views tools as well to increase your chances of getting more traction on your IGTV posts!

Remember to read the guidelines below to ensure IGTV emoji comments orders are submitted correctly :)

IGTV Emoji Comment Order Guidelines

***Please understand that IGTV emoji comments orders cannot be cancelled. Therefore, failure to submit the correct IGTV TV link will result with delays in an order and with getting a refund. Please understand that delivery and refund times are not guaranteed when the wrong link is entered.

*The Instagram account that you are making an order to must be public, not private, for any comments to deliver.

*You are able to order comments in any number over the 10 comment minimum!

*Make certain to put https://www in the IGTV link because orders without https://www may not deliver and get stuck in processing.

*Do not submit an Instagram account username or profile URL because the order WILL NOT deliver; an example of a full IGTV link is below:

Link ex.

*Very important is that past orders on the same link must complete before submitting a new order. When you submit multiple orders on the same link you will more than likely face delays so be careful with the timing of orders.

Failure to follow any of the above guidelines may result in longer than normal delivery times. Be aware that repetitive offenses to order guidelines will lead to NO REFUNDS being given.

*If you face any issues with you order, please contact us through our 24/7 live chat or send us an email!

*Please give your order a couple of hours to process before letting us know of any issues.

*If your IGTV emoji comments order has been refunded and you don’t know why, contact us for more details!

*Orders of IGTV comments cannot be cancelled so please submit your link correctly!

Your safety is our #1 priority!

*ShareSupplier never accesses any Instagram account and understands the importance of your security and confidentiality.

*Be aware of potential risks of using these services. While they are currently safe to use, you are your own social media manager and rules between yourself and a social media platform can change at any time. We accept no responsibility for your actions on this website.

***It is possible that you are using other social media marketing solutions in conjunction with ours, such as 3rd party apps or other websites which are not in agreement with the terms of Instagram. Therefore, we will not accept responsibility for any of your actions on this website.

***Up to date, no accounts have faced any issues by using our services.

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