15 Leading Brands On Instagram And Thier Strategies

In a world, for business marketing strategy where visual content remains a crucial part, marketing on Instagram presents an idiosyncratic opportunity to visually represent your brand, and keep it top-of-mind for all those users who scroll through their Instagram news feed every other day.

We all know that ‘Instagram’ is the magic spell we could use if we want our products well recognized and seen by a vast amount of people followed by a strong customer base. Conventionally, Instagram is just seen as a platform where one could post pictures mainly selfies and various event coverages but with the advancement of modern ideas, Instagram is much more than just people posting their pictures and getting the famous ‘Heart reacts’ on them. Now that Instagram has 850 million users, it could be said that this platform is a gold mine for potential customers.


Business marketing has made its way through social media and it used Instagram as the marketing done on the Instagram platform attracts a pool of related customers. Businesses like Nike manage to increase their sales up to 15% on Instagram.

Today we are going to tell about different brands who are making their way to the top of the world by attracting customers through effective marketing skills using Instagram. For most of the brands, we have included on how and what they did to market their products and an example of their most liked post.


1. NatGeo

We start off with one of the most famous and leading brands over Instagram, “National Geographic”, most commonly known as NatGeo. National Geographic is a platform which inspires people to care about the planet. It is world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure.


National Geographic uses various channels to promote their idea and purpose effectively and efficiently across the world. It is one of the brands among with every type of target customers who are doing really well on Instagram.
One of the things that NatGeo does really well on Instagram is the mix of phenomenal images they use to expand the idea of nature and science. The pictures are edited beautifully which further enhances the beauty of the pictures and attracts a large pool of people towards itself.


The images and videos posted by NatGeo on Instagram are a perfect blend of science, adventure, and exploration which basically allows the Instagram user base to experience the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographer.

This is crazy:

NatGeo has up till now shared 16,299 posts and has a base of 85.7 million followers.
Apart from this what made @natgeo to be one of the topmost non-celebrity brands on Instagram was its effective content management skills. It increased its amount of content on Instagram with increasing amount of followers so that more and more people like their posts and experience the beauty of science and nature.

nat geo instagram

2. Nike

Moving on towards our second topmost liked a brand on Instagram, “Nike”!


Nike is an American multinational corporation where you can experience sports, training, and shopping from any place in the world. It is engaged in the worldwide sales and marketing of casual and fashionable footwear for all genders.

The company successfully uses multiple Instagram accounts with more than twenty pages related to a specific niche. Although Nike, the branding giant has sufficient entice on its major Instagram account the subsidiary Nike lab is even better which provides modular wardrobe system for men and women.

The best part is:

What sets Nike apart from other brands is simply that their Instagram account stands out among the rest of the brands. Their Instagram account gives a detailed explanation of its products which makes sure that their followers know everything about their upcoming release of the product.

Nike’s Instagram page frames its dynamics about how their products can perform in terms of comfort, adaptability or longevity against multiple weather conditions. For various brands who are wanting to get inspired by setting up a latest and distinctive Instagram account then Nike is surely a good place to start from.


3. Victoria Secret

The third most followed brand on Instagram is none other than the American manufacturer, designer, and marketer of famous women lingerie, beauty products and women’s wear, Victoria’s Secret! Over the last few weeks, Victoria Secret has a dominated engagement on Instagram.

As we all know that the photo-sharing platform is an efficient and excellent way to increase the number of audience engagement with your brand, especially when the brand consists of scantily-clad supermodels. This makes the Instagram marketing more attractive and reachable to the followers.

Here is the real deal :

In the context of every brand on Instagram, consistency has always been the key. Victoria Secret has built their social media presence over the span of time and has gone through an extensive period of testing and learning. They have mastered multiple arts of successful promotions on Instagram.

Victoria secret has mastered various Instagram videos due to which its social media platform has reached record engagement from its followers. Moreover, Victoria secret’s recent postings in terms of pictures and videos have increased its follower’s engagement up to 5x.

Secondly, if you look through Victoria secret’s Instagram account you’ll notice that the way they post is not similar to one of a kind. They post a variety of images and mix their brand contents in order to achieve a massive audience response.

Moreover, this company has made its promotion campaigns fun on Instagram and they have also integrated shopping features on Instagram like other major brands. Also, it has followed a strategy of giving extra news and perks to its Instagram followers. Instagram followers have undeniably increased as a result of these strategies, driving up the sales of Victoria secret.

Victoria Secret instagram

4. Real Madrid

Moving forward, we have another utmost brand on Instagram and that is basically a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain known as “Real Madrid”. You all know that Instagram has proved to be a great tool for sports team marketing with a wide consumer base followed by exciting opportunities that help in finding followers and fans.

Real Madrid has made its way through most of the major brands on Instagram by using effective and efficient marketing techniques involving Instagram. It posts various pictures of its team on Instagram and also engages its audience through promotions and contests.

Real Madrid has managed its way to the top because it has made promotions on Instagram which enabled it to get a response from a variety of consumers. Furthermore, its strategy to use filtered photos on the Instagram account has attracted more viewers than the one who uses the unfiltered ones on their account.

They have also uploaded best scenes from games, action photos of famous players, victory celebrations, and event photos which further attracts a large pool of fans and followers. They also use this platform to announce their upcoming games which makes the news and updates more accessible to fans and followers

Real Madrid instagram

5. FC Barcelona

The next top brand on Instagram is another famous professional football team based in Barcelona, Spain most commonly known as “FC Barcelona”! We already had an extensive argument on how Instagram is the most preferred platform for sports team marketing as by now it is the second most followed social media platform after Facebook.

Here is the Kicker:

With over 42 million followers, after Real Madrid, FC Barcelona is the most popular and well-known sports team brand on Instagram. Their Instagram page shows exciting game plays and behind the scenes amazing pictures of football players.

The page also plays an essential part in doing great promotions for the upcoming events and matches. It drives the fans and followers to the actual team website for authentic match related information. Besides this, FC Barcelona has managed to be consistent in terms of their team identity both in their images as well as their bio.

FC Barcelona avoids shaky and low-resolution images and puts a premium on visual content as the users have high standards. They go with the idea of ‘quality beats quantity’ which makes them sure to choose wisely about what they post.

6. 9GAG

Moving on forward, we recognize the next top brand on Instagram, 9GAG! 9GAG is a Hong Kong-based social media platform and website where users upload user-generated content. 9GAG has best funny pictures, videos, GIFs, anime, movies, TV etc. 9gag uses its Instagram account as one of their best of pages.


They handpick the most successful posts from their site and sometimes add a hilarious caption to it which helps them increase their user base on Instagram.
They also go with the idea of announcing spontaneous contests on their Instagram page which engages their fans and followers and builds up their interest regarding their posts. This strategy helped 9gag as they garnered a huge amount of responses, conversations, and mentions.


9gag has some interesting engaging levels that engaged their fan base into a variety of posts and has followed the ‘consistency’ policy which further enhanced their user base. The most trending idea followed by 9gag to attract its followers is the idea of using GIFs.

Want to know the best part?

The page consists of funny user-generated content that captivates and stimulates the interest of people mostly teens. 9gag has wisely chosen Instagram to be one of its marketing platforms and received a major response from its user base by posting hilarious pictures and videos which people actually relate to their real lives.

7. Nike Football

Nike football is another trending brand on Instagram with over 31 million followers. It has made its way to the top by following systematic and well-organized marketing strategies. The brand understands the mentality and aims of its Instagram followers including the unique aesthetic of its network.

The brand understands the cast of mind of Instagram. You’ll always find pictures that are well suited to the Instagram environment. This includes beautifully shot landscapes in context of the product used. This represents the kind real life and in the moment feeling which basically Instagram is all about.

Here’s the deal:

Nike football ran successful campaigns and gave its fans the opportunity to design their own Nike shoes and online by allowing them to choose one of their Instagram photos to go along. Nike football has kept its brand traditional.

Moreover, the brand’s Instagram new feed features videos and images of celebrity and common athletes in motion as well as kid athletes. The brand furthermore posts pictures which are in line with its ‘Just do it’ logo and makes basic football moments seem iconic.

Nike football has utilized the Instagram platform for social media marketing to its fullest in order to increase its fans and followers base across the world very smartly.


The next utmost brand on Instagram is National Aeronautics and Space Administration most commonly known as NASA. NASA has over 30 million followers on Instagram and over 2200 posts.

Crazy? Right!

It is an independent agency of United States of America and has a collaboration of 15 nations who are working together to operate world-class orbiting laboratory.

NASA uploads the posts pictures of the most important space events taking place, including the Super Blood Moon, the Perseid meteor shower, and the new close-range pictures of Pluto. The stunning images posted by NASA usually receives over 100,000 likes from its followers.

The brand puts up different pictures of everything starting from astronaut selfies to the images of the earth seen from space. The images are just out of the world. The incredible images posted by NASA on their Instagram page help its followers to explore the universe and discover their respective home planet.


Over the previous years, NASA has firmly committed itself to the space exploration and in its recent Frontier Fields campaign which was about investing galaxy clusters, they have posted amazing and stunning pictures of galaxies and constellation.

9. NBA

Moving on further, National basketball association, NBA also counts to list of the top most brands on Instagram. NBA is a men’s professional basketball league in North America. It consists of thirty teams which have enabled it to rank third among the domestic professional leagues.

It is no secret that the national basketball association loves Instagram and Instagram loves NBA. In the era where national basketball association is seen as one of the most dominant league in the United States, NBA has over 26 million followers on its Instagram account with over 23000 posts.

NBA uploads various pictures and images of its matches over its Instagram page to acknowledge its fans and followers about the recent updates. It also provides the fans with actual score updates and announcements about the upcoming matches.


NBA has systematically used Instagram to attract and captivate the interest of its followers. It posts videos of remarkable basketball shots of celebrity athletes which stimulates the interest of the basketball fans to a maximum level.

The best part being:

The brand page also features various interviews of multiple players from the team which not only serves a motivational message but also guides the fans about the key essentials of the game.

10. Chanel

The next utmost brand on Instagram following the other major brands is Channel. Who doesn’t know this well-renowned brand? Of course, everyone does. Every person drools over the essence of the brand and has made it famous across the world. The brand is originally based in Paris, France.

Chanel is a world where you can discover the latest fashion and accessories including eyewear, fragrance, beauty, and jewelry etc. Instagram has transformed the way people experience fashion by making discovery of newly emerging styles and trends effortlessly.

Chanel has over 16 million followers on Instagram and has made it to the topmost luxury brand that has a presence on Instagram. Chanel has attracted a pool of customers by engaging well-known celebrities in its fashion campaigns.
Here’s the deal:

The brand has used relevant hashtags to promote its products because they went with the idea of not increasing the number of the hashtag on each post but by posting relevant hashtags.


Chanel has driven its highest engagement of audience through the images shared from their shows, followed by posts which are related to the pictures of renowned celebrities wearing the brand.


There is no surprise in how Chanel as a brand used such content generation to captivate its fashion followers and using Instagram as a platform to promote its marketing.

11. Adidas

ADIDAS! Another top most brand taking over Instagram in the past few years. Adidas is a multinational corporation which is based in Germany. It is well known for manufacturing and designing shoes, clothing and accessories.

The brand has taken Instagram, the visual social media, very seriously and is actually involved with the results they get thereby. Their posts get over 100,000 likes in a day. The brand’s Instagram account helps to create awareness about the brand among the followers.
It has some extraordinary visual content which is being posted on Instagram and as a result, it drives more enthusiasm from the followers to buy the Adidas products.

The basic kicker being:

Adidas fixated their position as key fashion figure in the industry with their latest Instagram campaign which involved the major use of hashtag #ORIGINALISADIDAS. This was partnered with big names like Stormzy and Snoop Dog to promote and highlight their originals lineup.

The promotion campaigns on Instagram uses its marketing influence to attract a wide base of people within the target market of Adidas. It also partnered with influential figures in the hip-hop industry which helped the brand to establish an additional credibility.
Moreover, the videos made for this Instagram campaign were engaging and intriguing.

“Instagram helped us to reach the audience of young creators in their narrative environment. We saw a lot of positive reaction from our target audience. Moreover, we used custom audiences to re-target people who saw video, and it helped us to re-engage with the audience and continue our dialogue with them”
(Vlada Kornilova, Manager of Brand Communications, Adidas Originals)

Although Adidas has multiple product lines for various sports like basketball, football, volleyball etc., it has used its Instagram campaign efficiently to build their Originals brand as a sacred object of the fashion industry.

Furthermore, social media has proved to be a natural extension to Adidas’s expansionary approach to marketing, especially when it comes to creating agitation or hype around its collaborations which are high profile.

Also, the brand aims at creating conversation regarding youth and street culture using its Instagram platform rather than simply promoting its products. The involvement of customers has been integral on Instagram and has majorly contributed to the success of Adidas as a brand.

12. H&M

We all know that Instagram has the fastest growing social network and with the progress more and more brands seek assistance in marketing by integrating Instagram as a social media marketing strategy. One of the most liked brands on Instagram also includes H&M.

H&M has over 24 million followers on its Instagram page and has over 4000 posts. We all know that Instagram has provided the brands with a highly engaging platform who wants to market their products. Just like other brands H&M also used Instagram to build a customer base and allowed fans to engage and react to the authenticity of the products.

The brand has shared the images of their famous products and shared the relevant information as to how followers can be granted access to shop at H&M across the world. For H&M, sharing pictures of latest trend on Instagram has created a brand awareness among followers.


H&M has also used celebrity engagement on Instagram regarding the brand so that the brand could reach a major and vast network of potential customers. Furthermore, H&M also prefers posting images from its fashion shows because it generates high engagement of the audience.

H&M posted videos on Instagram that had over 17 million views and its social video strategy surprisingly helped a lot in captivating and stimulating the interest of followers. H&M has become a master of online images which they have posted on Instagram in order to radically modernize the status of its brand.

13. ZARA

Zara is a fashion retailer based in Galicia and is known as the world’s largest apparel retailer. Zara as a brand has mastered Instagram marketing with over ten million followers. It has also grown to 4.6 million followers on Instagram in just 8 months.

Firstly, the brand uses a product-focused approach on Instagram. Many of the images posted by Zara resembles the one which is included in a brand catalog. Their product focused images and content on Instagram helps the brand to reinforce itself as a leader in the industry and give its audience a clue about its latest offerings.

Secondly, the Instagram video approach has been also used by Zara which helped the brand to show its artistic side. The videos posted by Zara on Instagram featuring beautiful content captures the attention of the followers by highlighting the new products launched by the brand.

You may be wondering:

Zara partners the brand with Instagram’s influential personalities to reach out a new audience. By collaborating with such influencers to promote their brand new jackets and jeans made of denim.

For this, Zara ran #iamdenim campaign helped the brand reach out new audience and achieve the degree of accessibility and authenticity. Zara has always attracted a pool of customers on Instagram by using valuable content and by always putting its audience first.

14. NatGeo Travel

Natgeo travel also counts to the list of one of the top most brands on Instagram. It is a platform where one can find photos, facts, information, travel and historical videos of the world from National Geographic.

Natgeo uses Instagram for promoting its content as we all know that Instagram can play a vital role in serious photojournalism. It has used Instagram as a platform to showcase their story or highlight their followers by sharing the pictures which have been taking by their fans.

The brand has over 10 million followers on the Instagram page and a variety of breathtaking and stunning pictures which attracts every follower to explore and discover the place. They have also used hashtag campaign to promote their content.


Instagram has provided the photographers of NatGeo to have direct channel or medium to the eyeballs of millions of fans who love photography. This way it has used Instagram to increase its sales and promotions.

15. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has also added up their name to the top most brands of Instagram. It is a fashion and a luxury retail company and is most commonly known as LV.

LV has used a number hashtag campaign on Instagram to promote its brand. Moreover, it has also amazed its followers with its valuable content which has allowed it to engage more and more followers at a broader level. It has over 5 million followers on Instagram.

Whats the bottom line?

Much of the Louis Vuitton account on Instagram consists of the images of celebrities and other renowned personalities entering multiple fashion events wearing the one and only LV brand.


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